The Ladies of Lash Complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 20th, 2014

Here it is...The Ladies of Lash ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

In addition, Lash etc. will be donating a portion of all facials, spray tans, and massages booked between 8/21 - 8/29. Book now and help us support this cause!

We have nominated: Tara Wheeler of Fox 21/27 Morning News, Wine Gourmet, and Just Dance Roanoke  

Morning Style with Tara : Celebrity Glamour Comes to Roanoke

(Fox 21/27 Morning News)

July 31st, 2014

One woman from Roanoke is realizing a dream that she's had since she was a little girl...opening up her own beauty boutique. But this isn't your ordinary salon. LASH etc. is bringing the secrets of the celebrities to every day folks like you and me. 

J-Lo, Madonna, Beyonce, they didn't just wake up like that. They had help. And a new salon in Roanoke wants to spill their secrets and give the star treatment to every woman in our area.

Madison Madden, owner, LASH etc., says, "We are a city chic beauty boutique. I want to give the gift of glamour to all of Roanoke. We are here to bring A-list services, so everything that we have to offer is linked with different celebrities and what they're doing privately to look glamorous and we want to provide that publicly to the fabulous ladies of Roanoke."

After hearing from local women who traveled hundreds of miles for celebrity services, Madison realized the demand was there.

"In our first week of being open, especially for lashes, we had so many women call and say they were traveling to Charlotte to get these done and now we're here offering mink lashes and we are right now the only certified salon offering the lash extension process."

Cady Garst, Certified Lash Artist, explains the process. "We isolate a single lash, pick up an extension, dip it in the glue, slowly stroke it on the natural lash and then place it. With getting the lash extensions, you don't have to get up and do the work of putting on mascara every morning and taking it off every night which puts your lashes through some very bad trauma. And I love it when I go to the gym I still look great and it actually allows without that trauma for your lashes to grow longer fuller and thicker."

The extensions last three to four weeks and fall out with your natural lashes.

In addition to lash extensions, the ladies of LASH etc. also offer an Intraceutical Oxygen Facial, a process some of the big name stars swear by

Madison Madden explains, "It's Madonna's all-time favorite thing, it's Kim Kardashian's necessary before getting married for the 3rd time. It's everyone's need to improve their looks and feel youthful and revived.

Cady Garst demonstrates. "That's pressurized oxygen that's really getting down deep into your skin and putting in the vitamins that you need. You're going to see an immediate plumping action like a firming, supple look to your skin."

Jordyn Lamb, Certified Intraceutical Artist, shares that,"...the places that people see it most are your lips, you can see your jawline contour, your cheek will be lifted, your eyebrow. Under the eye, your crows feet. Basically just areas that lose the collagen and lose the elasticity. We're going to be putting the hyaluronic acid deep down into there and it's going to plump that right up. From young teens with acne problems, you can benefit from it. To anybody who's 90 and has some deep set wrinkles that they want to plump out. Anyone in between there's nothing too little or too much that this can't help."

The procedure is painless and safe for any skin type,

Madden tells us, "It's the secret to saying no-tox botox because it's everything that's fabulous for your face and everything that's natural for your face. So all the celebrities that step up and say, I' do not do botox, I'm doing something else.' That's because they're doing this secretly."

Whether you are seeking to adopt an A-list lifestyle, or just want to pamper yourself before a special occasion, the ladies of LASH etc. want to bring out your best.


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3746 Colonial Avenue,Roanoke, VA 24018

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