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Get Your Mask On

  • Lash etc. 3556 Electric Rd Cave Spring, VA, 24018 United States (map)

This Halloween is all about "Get Your Mask On"....Astara Skin Care Mask that is! Enjoy 20% off all of our Astara Masks from now until Halloween! xo

Masks aren't just for Halloween ... they should be a vital part of a good skin care regime.

Many people skip using a mask. They either feel like it is unnecessary or they don't have the time and don't want to spend the additional money. Let's address these issues and put them to rest!

A good mask is truly a workhorse in any good skin care routine. Masks support and enhance the goals you are trying to achieve. Clean pores are no small part of healthy skin. Ask any esthetician and she will tell you the importance of keeping pores clean and healthy so they can breathe and function properly. A clay mask is the perfect tool to do that. - Astara

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